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Do not allow fractional dimensions

The dimensions should be given in whole numbers, unless you need fractional dimensions. Then you won’t have to guess, e. g. is the wall 1544,56 mm – is it 1544 or 1545?

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How to check from which version a Revit file

Lifehack how to find out the Revit version of a file. Of course you can update the project to the latest version, but this may cause problems for others in the team.

So instead of opening an old project and trying to guess what version it is. You can open the file with: Notepad

Ctrl+F search the file and search for: B u i l d

Be sure to have spaces between the letters. The Revit version will be next to it.

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Advice a microphone

Often, to explain something, it’s easier to record a short video, show the screen and just talk explanations than to record text, make screenshots of the screen with arrows.

But the voice, the voice is terrible.

I want an inexpensive and easy to maintain dynamic microphone that makes the voice smooth and pleasant, not requiring processing.

Write in a comment or email: Thank you.

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Delete dgn objects

In the command line, paste:

(dictremove (namedobjdict) "ACAD_DGNLINESTYLECOMP")

Then we clean the file with the command:


Don’t forget to save the file.

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2019 budget

I made a table that will show how much you can spend per day, month, year.

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Starting point

I hereby declare that the intersection of the A and 1 axes at the level of the finished floor of the first floor shall be considered the reference point 0,0,0 (x, y, z).

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